The Heresies of Anti Pope Francis & End Times Catholic/Bible Prophecy Exposed (Video)

There have been 260 valid popes in Catholic history, and more than 40 antipopes (i.e., men who posed as popes but had not been truly elected). There have been more than 200 papal vacancies (periods without a pope). The facts available on this website (see left linkbox) prove that the last six men who have claimed be popes – Francis I, Benedict XVI, John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI and John XXIII, the men who brought in Vatican II – have been and are antipopes. We prove that they are/were manifest heretics and not true Catholics. This section defends Catholic teaching and the teaching of the true popes; it exposes manifestly heretical antipopes who have been falsely posing as leaders of the Catholic Church.

Francis I (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

The Vatican II sect has made quite a selection in electing ‘Cardinal’ Jorge Mario Bergoglio as antipope. On many levels, this is tremendous news for true Catholics and sedevacantists; for it completely tears the mask off the Counter Church. This is the Vatican II sect unveiled: its faithlessness, indifferentism, modernism and filth presented for all to see, without even the crafty efforts at subterfuge (and continuity with Tradition) which were made by the previous antipopes (the False Prophet & the Antichrist). It’s a fitting end to (and a fitting choice for) the Counter Church in the very last stage of the Great Apostasy. Bergoglio is not only a layman (being ordained ‘priest’ in the invalid New Rite of Ordination), but is also an unabashed supporter of interfaith activity, false ecumenism, etc. He is also liturgically revolutionary. He’s a liberal, even by the standards of the Vatican II sect.

Anti-Pope Francis I Bergoglio Celebrating Hanukkah, December 2012
Francis I Bergoglio Celebrating Hanukkah with Argentinian Jews, December 2012

According to the assessment of false traditionalists who are consumed with Latin Masses under the authority of the Counter Church, Antipope Francis is a fierce enemy of the traditional Mass. He is perhaps the biggest enemy of the traditional Mass among the ‘cardinals.’ He is considered a nightmare choice for false traditionalists who accept the antipopes. For true Catholics, of course, all these facts further vindicates the true position of sedevacantism and makes a complete mockery of the position of false traditionalists (and all others) who have obstinately defended the Counter Church or the antipopes as valid popes – and rejected God and the faith in the process. It only makes the job of exposing the Counter Church much easier.

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