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Santa Claus, Antichrist of the Season

As the world grows darker and darker as it moves farther and farther away from Catholic society, the true significance of Christmas correspondingly grows dimmer and dimmer in the eyes of the world. This could not have been possible to the full extent we now see, however, without the Antichrist known as Santa Claus. What is Christmas about for the modern pagan world and modern pagan America? It's about Santa Claus bringing people gifts. What do we see all around us? We see people dressed up as Santa Claus in his stupid costume.

Satan knows that he cannot do away with the celebration of Christmas. He also knows that, as long as it is celebrated, the whole world is going to be reminded in a profound way of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whom most of the world has forgotten. Every year when Christmas came around everyone was reminded, whether they liked it or not, of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it was the profound sinner who had fallen from the practice of the Catholic Faith, or the Jew trying to forget about Christ so that he didn't have to believe in Him, all of them were reminded of Jesus Christ every Christmas… at least until the creation of Satan Claus.

Instead of trying to do away with the Feast completely, which he knows would be a futile attempt, Satan devised one of his most diabolically ingenious ideas yet: substitute Santa for Jesus. His plan has been brilliantly successful; it's to the point where Christmas is, for most of the country, almost totally about Santa Claus. Jesus is barely mentioned at all, and the general public doesn't think it at all incongruous. Santa has effectively replaced Jesus especially in the lives of countless children. This Antichrist substitution is perhaps most identifiable in the famous tune, "Santa Claus is coming to town":

You better watch out
you better not cry
you better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

Wait a second… who comes to town on Christmas? Jesus Christ comes to town, of course. Jesus Christ is the one who arrives in the world on Christmas, which is why we are celebrating the Feast. But this tells us that Santa Claus is the one who is actually coming. It is very obvious that Santa Claus is a false Christ. He is actually Satan Claus.

He's making a list
And checking it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

He knows when you are sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows when you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake

We see from this that Santa is invested with supernatural powers. Santa is not only able to miraculously fly and deliver presents to everyone in the world, but he knows your conscience; so you better be good. In other words, Santa is not only the one who is coming on Christmas instead of Christ, but he is also "the god" to whom you must be accountable for your conduct.

It is no coincidence that Santa Claus is given the same powers as God. This is an attempt to mislead children at a young age. Santa is given omnipresence and omniscience, knowing whether each child has been bad or good. Santa is given omnipotence, being able to visit every child's home in the entire world in a single night. This is something that only God alone could do. Santa is given the power to understand and speak any language, which again, is something that only God could do. Also, Santa is portrayed as being righteous, i.e., the "good guy," who is always happy, and is the higher moral authority. Clearly, whoever designed Santa Claus wanted to make children believe that he was a god of Christmas.

People say that Santa Claus simply represents St. Nicholas. I'm only aware of one similarity between the modern-day Santa Claus and St. Nicholas. In order to help out a poor family in need (whose poverty was exasperating some grave spiritual problems), the real St. Nicholas went to the family's house three times in the middle of the night, and threw a sack of money through the window (The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Gueranger, p. 341.). This helped the family out spiritually as well as materially. But from this single similarity Satan has created the modern-day Santa Claus, who has effectively replaced Jesus Christ on Christmas. And "Christian" families allow it to happen through the pretext that Santa represents St. Nicholas.

A Catholic should clearly see that Santa is a false god, an idol, a false Christ, an Antichrist invented by Satan to substitute for Our Lord. That being the case, Santa Claus is clearly one of the more reprehensible things in the modern world. No Catholic should teach his or her children about this idol. No Catholic should promote this Antichrist mockery of Christmas. And no Catholic (of course) should put out cookies for Satan Claus or having anything to do with him. But undoubtedly many ‘Catholics’ and countless heretics will substitute Santa for Jesus this Christmas.

Originally published on 12/24/04 for the “Heresies of the Week – Miscellaneous Articles and Issues” by Brother Michael Dimond and Brother Peter Dimond, with minor additions by for our website.

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